I'm Gonna Be In Pictures

Well... has this ever been an eventful year so far! And it's only just beginning. I was commenting that I can't believe it's already the end of April, but wow. Not only do I find myself in the middle of a web project that is taxing every cell of both sides of my brain (Windows AND Macintosh) but at my day job I was asked to join three of my co-workers as staff trainers, teaching end users how to order goods on our new ordering system.

So on the day we went to be trained as trainers, a guy in communications snapped a few pics of the session. Because of intellectual property rules their department needs to obtain model releases for all photos depicting specific individuals. This brings a flurry of emotions.

On the one hand, the I-type in me feels a sense of gratification that I am in one of the selected photos for the article being printed about the trainers. On the other hand, I was mortified to see how fat I look in print. Fortunately, the D-type in me gets over this stuff relatively quickly, so this entry is much ado about nothing.

For more information, check out the following links:

In addition to the disclaimer in the sidebar, I am not affiliated with Crown Financial, though I have followed their daily radio broadcasts since they merged with Christian Finanical Concepts. I was really surprised that I didn't hear of Larry Burkett's death in 2003, and that I had to find it on a website while searching for these links.

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