Why in the world do I stay up so late?

Today was an amazing day. Full of worship and revelation with lots of time invested in my family. After supper the computer time was mine. I found out that a css/dynamic javascript drop down menu script I hacked together doesn't work for Netscape 7. Strange, considering it worked well in Mozilla Firefox AND IE6. I was already told that it didn't work on a Mac at all, so I've got loads more work ahead of me.

Through the W3C validation pages I learned I forgot to close my </head> tag. How stupid was that? No wonder lots of browsers kakked.

So. The reminder is, I should STOP CODING WHEN I CAN BARELY KEEP MY EYES OPEN. I obviously worked too late when I hacked the parts together that I got sloppy. Of course, this rule does not apply when it comes to cleaning out my email folders or installing new blog software on my server. Those tasks can be done irrespective of my ability to see the screen clearly. Like now.

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