More fussin' with Blogger's mind

A friend of mine was having problems aligning inline images with space betwixt in blog posts using the blog composer. Some ideas we tossed around included:

  1. image tags one per line (in most cases should render with space betwixt)
  2. spacing out the images inline with space
  3. spacing out the images inline with  

  5. defining inline style rules for the images
  6. setting the images in a table
  7. invisible spacer GIFs

I'm sure there are more methods to try, but most of our efforts were stripped out by blogger, namely the &nbsp; trick and the <style> temporary redefining CSS rules fix. I guess I could modify the template itself but where's the fun in that?

In practice the table allows for the content to scroll over the sidebar if necessary. Depending on desired effect, it works. I'm placing my bets that the inline style rule will work the best.

Other than that there is really nothing to report on my super-secret website project. Mac browsers actually work better at rendering certain things than PC. Unfortunately, Mac browsers under OS9 actually fall apart when loading flash movies because the flash always sits on top of all other content. Try navigating a dropdown menu behind the header bar. Eww.

Flash offers other weirdness as well, which warrants the possibility of a complete entry devoted to that.

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