No Time Like the Present

After the last entry I really felt like turning off my computer and moving to some small rural community without electricity, running water, natural gas, or even a toilet. The non-technological hermit lifestyle became increasingly more appealing as I fought with getting a website to maintain basic functionality and appearance with minimal scripting on the two latest incarnations of IE on the Mac.

Web developers like myself hit pay dirt with the x library freely availalable from www.cross-browser.com. Michael Foster is a genius, and he gives away his code as a forum for sharing ideas, so long as any improvements or modifications to his library are also freely shared.

I should report to him the one small glitch I stumbled on while working on this project: IE/Mac 5.0 - 5.1.7 (the latest on OS9) doesn't seem to respond to the cross-browser variant of document.getElementsByTagName; or at least not when used within the function built to select all the elements by stylesheet class name. As sifting through tagname elements is probably the only DOM-based methods that all later generation browsers can handle fairly consistently, I broke down and used this method instead of the x function.

And voila: the website now has drop-down menus and rollover images, all triggered by a window.onload handler that finds elements of particular classes and assigns onmouseover and onmouseover event functions to them. Even on IE/Mac for OS9.

It's funny how Apple was so far advanced on the Mac for practically everything, including the integration of a classic OS9 interface within OSX, but IE/Mac 5.0 - 5.1 doesn't respond the same way as IE/Mac 5.2.

Next is to figure out some tricks to get Flash to display properly across platforms. Now even transparent areas block out the screen content behind them. That's not right.

The war isn't over yet.

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