Though I’m not usually political...

I'm so sick of politicking. I would rather have had two elections at the same time back in the summer. This winter election stuff is a real piece of work. Still, as I was doing some research on the local candidates, I had to chuckle at this bit on James Moore’s blog. James is the local Conservative representiave for my region. (Nice guy. Answers email.)

Dated: Jan 6/2006

“ Visit the Liberal campaign site for B.C. at www.teambc.ca and click on ‘Delivering Results for British Columbia.’ ‘Coming Soon’? The campaign is only over a month old, and the Liberals have only had 12 years to ‘deliver,’ but I guess we'll go ahead and wait for them to spin their non-existent accomplishments for B.C., such as: years of inaction on softwood, ignoring the leaky condo issue and CMHC, no senate reform, no new laws to fight grow-ops, no effort to combat crystal meth, no legislation on street racing or auto theft, no accountability or plan for the west coast fishery, no support for dredging on the Fraser River, no plan on port security, all talk and no action on the Pacific Gateway, total abandonment of the pine beetle epidemic.... the list goes on. Anyway, I’m looking forward to their list of non-accomplishments for B.C.”

The Liberals have long since updated their site to fix this oversight, but what a faux pas in the heat of probably the most dangerous campaign of their careers. I sure hope that Canadians get smart and realize that we can’t continue letting politicians rob us blind. One party will spend our money ensuring they have pensions (while we have none), while another party will continually waste money on issues of little relevance to a broad majority of the population.

One such trivial waste of cash was the redefinition of marriage. When there are so many other issues of economic and social import that have first-hand impact on the lives of you and me, the current regime spent countless hours bulldozing an issue that should never have surfaced in parliament.

Wise up Canada. Look into the parties and review their platforms. Check out the character of the candidates running in your riding. Make sure you elect the person who best represents YOU. Canada deserves to see democracy live!

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The amazing disappearing act

My friends have come to know (and, I hope, love) my tendency to get so involved in what I’m doing so as to “vanish” off the face of the earth for awhile. That in itself is not so strange as when I eventually reappear, I do so in a BIG way. This time is no exception. I last blogged in July, and it’s now January.

The BIG entrance? I’ve started focusing on a new technology: tablet pc computing. Check out my ’nother blog at https://www.tabletpcblogs.com/blogs/jakethespud/

I’ll work on updating this one over time as well, but with all I’ve got going on....

See you online!

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