The age of the "cute" 404 page

I've been busy. Really busy. Still, I managed to catch the Massive Technology Trade Show and Conference in March. While the presentations I saw were really good, I was inspired, to say the least, by Kate Trgovac's talk, a crash course on social networking tools, including but not limited to blogging, tagging, professional network sites, and virtual worlds.

On a whim, I checked her current blog entry and had to laugh at the thought that we are entering the age where user-friendly design is going haywire. Forget M$'s "friendly error pages"... this one takes the kate! (I mean, cake!)

Just for fun I went to find an error page on Kate's site, and she doesn't have anything installed. I guess even she realizes the silliness of the whole idea.

For more fun, check out MY linkedin profile if you dare!

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