Some good things end, others, well...

I started this blog primarily because a friend of mine was using hers to promote her jewelery-making business. At the time she was following other hip and trendy bloggers who inspired her to look beyond her extracurricular work life and into her real life. That in turn inspired me, and well, this blog began. Shortly afterward, I recognized the usefulness of having my own blog dedicated to my work as a technical communicator, web programmer, and multimedia aficionado, and hence the idea to merge my business and personal sides was born. While I managed to move my Tablet PC Blogs pages into the new system, I didn't want to move this one. Many of the ideas I expressed here were so blogger-specific that it didn't make sense to move them elsewhere. This deep-thinking, tech-loving, writer, artist, musician, husband, father, and average joe now travels his headspace in a different world. Truly, Jake the Spud has left the building.

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The age of the "cute" 404 page

I've been busy. Really busy. Still, I managed to catch the Massive Technology Trade Show and Conference in March. While the presentations I saw were really good, I was inspired, to say the least, by Kate Trgovac's talk, a crash course on social networking tools, including but not limited to blogging, tagging, professional network sites, and virtual worlds.

On a whim, I checked her current blog entry and had to laugh at the thought that we are entering the age where user-friendly design is going haywire. Forget M$'s "friendly error pages"... this one takes the kate! (I mean, cake!)

Just for fun I went to find an error page on Kate's site, and she doesn't have anything installed. I guess even she realizes the silliness of the whole idea.

For more fun, check out MY linkedin profile if you dare!

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